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Runway Restaurant

Runway Restaurant offers a farm to table restaurant experience with some great and unique specials. Breakfast is served all day and lunch is also available. The Runway Restaurant boasts of having both gluten-free and vegetarian options available. They offer a number of options like the Ceasar salad, pearfect melt, California turkey sandwich, tuna salad wrap, port wine burger, farmers mac, and cheese, or a pulled pork quesadilla. They also have some fun seasonal options depending on the time of year, for fall they offer some great apple-flavored treats and meals like the apple hotcakes entitled out the orchard cakes. They have pumpkin spice flavored french toast or a bonfire flavored breakfast burrito.

They offer some fun summer foods as well like the backyard BBQ quesadilla, or the on the lake omelet. Try out some of the great foods that they offer. The Runway restaurant is open from 6 AM to 2 PM Monday through Friday unless otherwise posted. Grab a great breakfast on your way to those fun activities.